More often than not, hiring the Officiant is the most overlooked and sometimes most difficult part of the wedding planning process.

After you taste test all the entrees, cakes and icing flavors, interview the many florists, DJ’s and photographers, choose the perfect decorations, groom’s and groomsmen’s tuxedos, bridal party dresses, and finally try on what seems like hundreds of wedding dresses… at the end of your special day, the Officiant provides the one service that your entire day comes down to – becoming husband and wife.

So, take a little time to find the perfect Officiant for your wedding day, no matter how casual or elegant, whether at home, in a church, indoor or outdoor, find a person that you connect and feel comfortable with. Someone that will give you a ceremony that you will look back on every passing year with fond memories, someone who will break the ice, kill the stress, include your guests and bring you nothing but tears of joy.